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"THE GREAT ONE" watercolor by Vladimir Zhikhartsev

Alaska resident Vladimir Zhikhartsev has called Fairbanks home for 28 years, after arriving from Provideniya, Russia in 1996 as an ice sculpture instructor. His artistic journey began with formal training in sculpture, watercolor, oil, and acrylic painting back in Russia. For the past twenty years, Vladimir has been sharing his passion for art here in Fairbanks, primarily teaching from his cozy home studio.
Vladimir has lent his talents to educational outreach across Alaska. He’s led workshops and classes at the Fairbanks Summer Art Fine Arts Festival, and performed outreach for the festival in Delta and Ketchikan. He’s provided his expertise to the Machetanz Art Festival in Palmer, offered watercolor painting workshops in Anchorage, Sitka, Ketchikan, Seward, Hope, Seldovia, Homer, Prince William Sound and worked as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
A decorated artist, Vladimir’s talent has earned him numerous accolades, including the Rasmuson Foundation Fellowship Award in 2008. His work has graced over 20 solo exhibitions in Fairbanks and beyond, showcasing his mastery of various mediums.
In addition to his watercolor prowess, Vladimir continues to be a renowned ice sculptor, competing in Ice Art Competitions and Championships across the globe since 1991, amassing an impressive collection of 15 gold medals, 3 silver medals, along with numerous awards for both Artist’s and People’s Choice. He’s even left his mark at Winter Olympic Art Festivals in Salt Lake City in 2002 and Turin, Italy in 2006.
In recent years, Vladimir has taken on roles as a lead judge at events such as the “Winterlude” International ice sculpting competition in Ottawa, Canada, and the “Lukomorie” wood sculpting competition in the Lake Baikal area of Russia.
Vladimir finds his inspiration in the majestic landscapes of Alaska, and is particularly drawn to painting mountains and nature. As he puts it, “I feel like we are a little part of that, like a little ants on the planet. If we all pull together, it’s all going to be very beautiful for the planet and for us.”
Vladimir is a believer in KUAC’s mission, stating, “I think KUAC is doing a great job with the broadcast and music. It’s a big part of the community and that’s what I like to support.”

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