Living in Alaska provides an abundance of scenic beauty. I've always loved being outdoors, whether hiking, camping, fishing or walking in the park. Painting the landscape En Plein Air gives me an opportunity to study the lay of the land and observe the nature, while composing a painting, matching the colors that I see. I think that painting on location is a must for every landscape painter. While you painting you can feel the place, smell the fresh air and observe all the life around you. Mixing colors of the landscape that are constantly changing with the sunlight is always fascinating challenge. Peaceful valleys and mountain places where people go to relax and spend time, and the roads that lead beyond are the things that inspire me most to paint. Life observation of nature influences my painting technique and subject matter. Color and light are the elements I'm try to capture. Painting is a way for me to share my observations of the world that surrounds me.

        Beginning 1991, I was able to regularly participate in the Ice Alaska's Ice Art competitions  held annually in Fairbanks, Alaska and actually won 15 Gold medals in International Ice Art Championships worldwide. Immersion into a different medium, which, on its technical side, requires precise understanding of the relationships between elements and natural forces has enriched my painting with more accurate lighting qualities and greater three-dimensional depth.

        Since 1996, Alaska has been my permanent residence, where I live and work as a painter, ice sculptor and art instructor. Drawing inspiration from the geographical and cultural continuities between Alaska and Russian Far East, I strive to continue celebrating, through painting and carving ice, the lavish majesty of the Northern Splendor